Advanced Reactive Rover

Now it's time for fun! Capitalize on the foundation skills you learned previously to sample some fun activities for you and your dog in a controlled environment. 

Advanced Reactive Rover continues creating relaxed, focused dogs in the face of their triggers. Skills will be reinforced through challenging, fun exercises while working in a demanding environment.  We will also be improving you and your dog's skills by working around more than one dog in the class: settle exercises, "look at that", passing dogs, and some other fun and challenging exercises including agility.

Additionally, you'll get the opportunity to do some fun nosework! Not only is nosework a great way to exercise your reactive dog and learn more about their world, you'll also get a chance to learn about the sport of K9 Nose Work (TM). Many reactive dogs continue on K9 Nose Work (TM) classes and even competition!

Exercises will be adapted to each dog’s individual skill level, so graduates of Reactive Rover 1 are eligible. Please note that dogs must be pre-approved by the instructors.  You have come so far in working with your reactive dog; why not keep up the practice and take the next step up in fun?

Frequency & Duration: 60 minutes per week for 5 weeks

Class includes: Certificate of Completion

Fees: $225 for a 5-week series

Class capacity: 5

Location: 243 Alabama Street

Prerequisites: You must have completed Reactive Rover 1 in order to take this class. Must be pre-approved by the instructor as not every reactive dog will be ready for Advanced Reactive Rover. Dogs in this class must be capable of handling confinement, crated away from their handlers. Handlers must bring their own crates.

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