At the SF SPCA, we’re in the “business” of caring — for the dog that is abused or abandoned, for feral cats fending for themselves on city streets, and for animals in pain and requiring treatment.

But we’re only in business because of a generous community of donors. We are a private nonprofit that receives no funds from the government nor are we associated with national groups.

For our community’s animals, donations literally make the difference between neglect and nurturing, hurting and health, loneliness and a loving home.

Contributions also support our comprehensive approach to animal welfare, which includes:

  • Spaying/neutering to reduce the number of kittens and puppies that end up in shelters
  • Providing veterinary care to all animals
  • Using the best in behavior training to help more cats and dogs find and thrive in loving homes
  • Increasing how and where the public encounters adoptable animals
  • Working with the community and policymakers to improve the conditions for our fellow animals

Please join us in this effort by contributing today.