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Veterinary Hospital Spay & Neuter Services San Francisco

The SF SPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic has played a major role in reducing the number of cats and dogs in San Francisco shelters. In fact, since 1985 we've helped lower that number by more than half.

The SF SPCA spays and neuters all of our shelter animals and those at the San Francisco Department of Animal Care & Control. We provide free spay/neuter surgery for feral cats and discounts to local partner animal rescue groups.

We offer competitively-priced surgeries for public clients wishing to spay and neuter their pets.

SF Residents: We offer free spay/neuter for San Francisco pit bulls (read more).

Our experienced surgical team spays and neuters thousands of cats and dogs yearly. As we specialize exclusively in this field, our staff is exceptionally skilled at performing spay neuter surgeries and offers the highest level of knowledge and advice for pre and post surgical care.

  • Our doctors prioritize pain management during and after surgery
  • We cover follow-up care in the event that there are any complications from surgery
  • Your business at our clinic helps to support the spaying and neutering of thousands of homeless animals each year
  • We offer additional optional services and products at the time of surgery, including nail trims, microchipping, and flea preventative.

Read more about our Spay/Neuter procedures.

See Post-Spay/Neuter Surgery Care Information.

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